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CREST AUDIO Pro9200 усилитель мощности

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  • CREST AUDIO Pro9200 усилитель мощности

CREST AUDIO Pro9200 усилитель мощности 

8Ом стерео - 1300Вт 4Ом стерео - 2200Вт 2Ом стерео - 3250Вт 8Ом мост - 6500Вт

Designed with touring sound professionals in mind, the Crest Pro200 Series power amplifiers faithfully produce high power with lowdistortion in an extremely lightweight economical package.

Rock stable in stereo or bridged mode operation this series isengineered to exceed expectations, when powering multiple or singleloudspeaker enclosures down to a 2 ohm load.

The Pro 200 Series offer the protection that ensures safe & trouble free shows night after night.

Design Focus
The Pro 200 Series professional power amplifiers offer Crest\'srenowned sonic integrity while providing exceptionally high powerratings (6500 W bridged on the Pro 9200) in a compact, lightweight(under 25 lbs.) 2U package.

The Pro 200 Series amps feature Automatic Clip Limiting (ACL) toprotect connected drivers; IGM Impedance Sensing to accommodate varyingimpedance outputs; tunnel-cooled, high efficiency heat sinksl andveriable-speed DC fans to limit the operating temperature and extendamplifier life.


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