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CREST AUDIO CD3000 усилитель мощности

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Производитель: CREST AUDIO
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  • CREST AUDIO CD3000 усилитель мощности

CREST AUDIO CD3000 усилитель мощности 

8Ом стерео - 800Вт 4Ом стерео - 1500Вт 2Ом стерео - 1800Вт 8Ом мост - 3000Вт

Технические характеристики

- 8 Ohm Stereo - 800 W
- 4 Ohm Stereo - 1500 W
- 2 Ohm Stereo - 1800 W
- 8 Ohm Bridged - 3000 W
- Dramatically reduced net weight
- Linear power supply / Class D output stages
- Very low current draw
- Latest generation of high-speed, mosfet output devices
- Cooled by variable-speed fan with back-to-front airflow
- Inputs: balanced female XLR, 1/4" TRS combi jacks
- Outputs: Speakon® and five-way binding posts
- Mode selector switch for stereo, parallel and bridged-mono operation
- Ground-lift switch and rear panel circuit breaker
- Recessed, stepped attenuators with removable knobs
- 16-gauge steel chassis, cast aluminum front panel
- TourClass® protection circuits
- ACL™ (Active Clip Limiting) prevents speaker damage by providinggentle gain reduction when signal approaches the clipping threshold
- IGM™ (Instantaneous Gain Modulation) monitors speaker loads todetect conditions that may over-stress output devices, allowing safeoperation into nominal 2 Ohm speaker loads
- AUTORAMP™ gradually increases gain to the attenuatorlevel-settings when the amplifier is turned on, preventing abruptturn-on levels
- Other protection features include: short circuit, DC voltage,comprehensive thermal management, current in-rush turn-on/off transientand sub/ultrasonic input


Размеры (ВхГхШ): 483 mm x 89 mm x 391 mm
Вес: 21 kg


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